About Us

Hi! Thanks for visiting The Swaggin’ Wagon! The Swaggin’ Wagon is mobile boutique in west Texas with an online presence! You may find us at your local west Texas fair or rodeo… and we could just as easily show up in your local grocery store parking lot! 
My name is Ginger, and together with my family (Justin, Paisley, Levi, and Cotton) we have created The Swaggin' Wagon. We keep an eye out for made in USA and Go Texan products that you can be proud to wear, have in your home, &/or to give as one of a kind gifts to any one in your circle - teachers, preachers, sisters, brothers, co-workers, sons & daughters! Our home decor and gifts are thoughtfully selected to make it easy for you to give gifts with meaning.
Thank you for supporting my small business and my family as we all journey to accomplish our goals and dreams.